10 of the Best Chaise Lounges for Reading In Style

Readers differ from each other in so many ways. Some of us read a couple books a year, some read hundreds. We favor a variety of formats and a wide range of genres. There are some things we share, though, and one of them is the dream of the perfect home library. Sure, there are some digital-only book lovers and others loyal to the library at all costs, but most of us have dreamed of our own home library complete with a sliding bookshelf ladder — or at least a cozy reading nook. Either way, a vital component of a good reading space is the furniture. Whether it’s a reading chair or a chaise lounge, we need somewhere to curl up with our current read.

A chaise lounge is the meeting point between a sofa and a chair: it’s a chair long enough to put your feet up. That’s a pretty basic concept, so the designs — and price points — run the gamut. I’ve selected ten of the best options, with the most ergonomic options at the top and the chaise lounges that are optimized most for style at the bottom. You can put up your feet and read in any of these, but some of them are also comfortable enough to fall asleep in, while others are show-stopper centerpieces of a room.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best chaise lounges to read in, from the most ergonomic options to the most stylish.

curved black yoga chair with removable cushionscurved black yoga chair with removable cushions

Starting with the most ergonomic option, this chaise lounge is designed as a yoga chair, but it also promises “zero gravity relaxation.” I just feel like this chair would fix all my reading posture problems. $320

a person reading a magazine a small blue yoga chaira person reading a magazine a small blue yoga chair

A smaller (and more economical) option is this compact yoga chaise lounge with adjustable cushions. Available in several colors. $90

grey Sleeper Sofa Chairgrey Sleeper Sofa Chair

Moving away from the yoga chairs and into some comfortable chaise lounges, this sleeper sofa chair converts from a chair to a chaise lounge to a guest bed. $170

a white chaise lounge with storage build in underneatha white chaise lounge with storage build in underneath

Now we’re getting into the chaise lounges that lean more towards the aesthetic versus comfort. This velvet chaise lounge has storage built in, so you can stash a cozy blanket and some back up books for your next reading session! $230

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