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interesting facts about space book coverinteresting facts about space book cover

Interesting Facts About Space by Emily Austin

Emily Austin’s debut novel Everyone in this Room Will Someday Be Dead was a big hit with readers and critics alike! But I think I might like her sophomore effort, Interesting Facts About Space, even more. This book had me laughing out loud, bursting into tears, and basically feeling all the feels from the beginning to the final page.

Emily Austin has already established herself as an expert at creating characters that are compellingly flawed and incredibly lovable in their idiosyncrasies. This book introduces readers to Enid, a woman who spends her free time listening to true crime podcasts, obsessing over space trivia with her mom, and picking up women on dating apps. These are the only things that keep Enid’s anxiety at bay when she’s confronted with her greatest fear: bald men. Or when she worries that someone has been following her and snooping around her apartment while she’s away.

Enid’s family life is stressing her out as well. When she was a child, her father left her mother and started a new family, leaving his old one behind. Now Enid’s father is dead, and her half-sisters and stepmother want to have a relationship with her after all these years. As Enid’s life spirals out of control, she wonders who she can trust, what’s real, and what’s just her mind playing tricks on her.

Based on that description, you might think this book is going to go down the mystery/thriller route, but that’s not the direction Austin is going with this story. Sure, that would be fine, but this story is more about the mysteries of Enid’s heart, her repressed emotions and memories, and her journey to self-discovery. Just set aside whatever expectations you have for this story, and allow yourself to go for the ride. What you’ll get is a story that is endlessly rewarding and heartfelt. And while it’s still early in the year, Interesting Facts About Space is on track to be one of my favorites of 2024.

Bonus rec! Emily Austin is keeping busy this year. Last month, the author released Gay Girl Prayers, a poetry collection in which Austin reclaims Catholic prayers and biblical passages to empower the LGBTQ+ community. So if you can’t get enough of this author, make sure to check out her poetry too.

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