Arcade Beauty unveils new eco-friendly packaging and sampling solutions

By 2030, just as we will no longer manufacture non-recyclable products, it will no longer be acceptable to throw away unused beauty products, whether in a sample or full-size format,” says Carl Allain, CEO of Arcade Beauty. “Our vision is to enable smart sampling and responsible full-size products.

As a first step, Arcade Beauty has set an objective: by 2025 100% of their packaging solutions for sampling and full-size beauty products will have a recyclable alternative, will be water-soluble or compostable, and at least 75% will integrate recycled or certified material.

To reach this objective, the company remains laser-focused on eco-design, in particular with the aim to reduce packaging weight and develop reusable and refill solutions.

We are redirecting our business to become a contributive company and as one of the four pillars of our CSR policy, eco-design is at the core of our sustainable activities,” continues Carl Allain.

New eco-friendly technologies

The latest addition to Arcade’s environmentally conscious lineup is the Paper-Based Samples collection, offering beauty brands four eco-friendly sampling alternatives for makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance. This launch includes the redesign of four of Arcade’s technologies with paper-based laminates:

 90% Paper BeautiPod;

 76% Paper Thermoform;

 48% Paper ScentSeal;

 63% Paper Packette (with a version with 80% paper being currently in development).

To illustrate the potential of their 63% Paper Packette solution, Arcade Beauty recently partnered with B Corp certified brand, Nécessaire, on the production of two Paper Packettes, made with 63% paper, to promote their Body Wash and Body Serum.

Furthermore, Arcade Beauty has iterated on the 2021 launch of their resealable 3D Pouch and created a true refill packaging solution for full-size products – the Single-Use 3D Refill Pouch, which is available with a breakable closure in fully recyclable mono material. Thus, the Single-Use 3D Refill Pouch allows the original packaging to be preserved for multiple uses.

Providing shoppers with a recyclable refill option for full-sized products is certainly a step in the right direction – it will help to reduce rigid packaging and in turn significantly reduce carbon emissions,” explains Lindsey Khosla, Marketing Director at Arcade Beauty, “and the single-use nature of the package will encourage shopper education on the purpose of refill packaging.

Arcade Beauty will be showcasing their eco-friendly technologies at Luxe Pack New York on May 08-09, 2024.

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