‘Fyre Festival of books’ in Denver

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‘Fyre Festival of books’ conference descends into chaos

Now that is a moniker I never thought I would see applied to a book event. When you have a book event that people paid $300 and up to attend, you do not want to have Rebecca Yarros, the best-selling writer in America at the moment, have to say thing like this on Facebook: “I’m sorry registration took hours, sorry food ran out, sorry security wasn’t tight enough at the night events, sorry some volunteers raised voices, sorry it was disorganized, sorry you felt frazzled, sorry you felt overwhelmed, sorry you did not get to bask in the overwhelming joy that spending 3 days in the book world should give you.” Sounds like it was a fun time in Denver.

Colm Toibin’s Long Island is Oprah’s 105th Book Pick

Surprised by this one, but delighted that a whole host of readers who may never have picked up a Colm Toibin novel will now do so. I was very nervous when I heard a sequel to Brooklyn was happening, because as we all know, nothing goes wrong in sequels. And Brooklyn was such a tender, winsome and yet not saccharine literary love story that I didn’t not want to see storm clouds on the horizon for its characters. But it sounds like Long Island is great, and I am just going to have to ok with tough things happening to people that don’t exist.

Kristi Noem Can’t Even Admit Something Was Wrong in Her Book Right

Look, no one cares about Kristi Noem’s book. No one even really cares that she said she met Kim Jong Un when she actually did not. And people don’t care that she is changing the book because someone said hey wait you didn’t actually meet him. But they should care, and not because something untrue was in the book (this happens a lot). It’s the double-speak, non-apology, no accountability, “actually it wasn’t a mistake everyone is just out to get me” posturing that so many politicians, particularly those of a certain stripe, have made commonplace. Orwell worried that Big Brother would manipulate language to distort and minimize the truth. He needn’t have. We would all just tap the Big Brother inside of us to do it ourselves.

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