Grow Rebates Debuts New Brand Identity as BIG Incentive Group

BIG Incentive Group (BIG) logo, for the company formerly known as Grow Rebates

BIG Incentive Group logo

Grow Rebates announced today it’s rebranding to BIG Incentive Group, reflecting its expanded mission to support the horticultural industry by facilitating the adoption of energy-efficient technology with BIG incentives and rebates. This strategic shift underscores the company’s commitment to helping growers achieve greater efficiency and productivity with minimal upfront capital investment.

“Renaming our company to BIG Incentive Group signifies our broader mission to assist growers in overcoming financial barriers to acquiring top-tier horticultural technology,” says Rob Van Diest, Founder and CEO of BIG Incentive Group. “Our BIG Incentive Program has been a game-changer for many, enabling them to purchase high-quality, energy-efficient equipment without the need for extensive capital outlay. This transition marks a new chapter in our journey to support the horticultural industry more effectively.”

BIG Incentive Group leverages its horticultural expertise to provide tailored solutions that enhance growers’ operational efficiency and yield. The company’s unique approach allows sellers to maintain full product value while enabling buyers to benefit from minimal capital outlay, reduced operating costs, and improved efficiency.

Ron DeKok, Chief Commercial Officer, echoes the enthusiasm for the next step of changes.  “BIG Incentive Group is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable, energy-efficient technology in the horticultural industry,” says DeKok. “By reducing capital expenditures and maximizing the available incentives, we help our clients invest in the best equipment available, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.”

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The rebranding aligns with BIG Incentive Group’s commitment to advancing the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) market. By providing BIG incentives and rebates, the company facilitates the acquisition of best-in-class horticultural LED fixtures, driving sustainability and innovation in the industry. The company’s organizational structure and ownership remain unchanged under the rebranding.

Founded in 2016 as a supplier of energy-efficient grow equipment, Grow Rebates (now BIG Incentive Group) has served the growing demand for energy-efficient grow lights through its innovative BIG Incentive Program, which allows growers to reduce capital expenditures by up to 100%. The company supports cultivation facilities across the U.S. and Canada, serving sectors including ornamentals, floriculture, food production, vertical farming, cannabis, research institutes, universities and colleges, government agencies, seed producers, breeders, AgTech, and plant-based pharmaceuticals.

For more information about BIG Incentive Group and its offerings, visit the company’s newly launched website.


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