Hamilton: I'd love to work with Newey in future

MIAMI – Lewis Hamilton said he would “very much” like F1 design legend Adrian Newey to join him at Ferrari in the future.

Wednesday’s announcement that Newey will leave Red Bull in early 2025 has set up the tantalising prospect of a move to Ferrari, where he has never worked before.

Last year, Newey, 65, said he regrets never building a car for Hamilton; as the seven-time world champion joins Ferrari next season, the prospect could materialise in 2026.

Asked if he wants to see Newey join him at Ferrari down the line, Hamilton told reporters on Thursday, ahead of the Miami Grand Prix: “Adrian’s got such a great history, track record, and he’s obviously just done an amazing job throughout his career in engaging with teams and the knowledge that he has.

“I think he would be an amazing addition [to Ferrari]. I think they’ve already got a great team, they’re already making huge progress and strides forward — their car is quicker this year — but yeah it would be a privilege to work with him.

Hamilton refused to be drawn on whether he has talked to Ferrari chairman John Elkann about signing Newey, but left little doubt it is something he wants to see in future.

“It’s very much private conversation stuff,” he said. “If I was to do a list of people I would like to work with he would absolutely be at the top of it. But I don’t know. We’ll see.”

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The closest Hamilton got to working with Newey was at the start of his career when he joined McLaren in 2007. Newey had left for Red Bull the year before, but Hamilton said he still managed to get a taste of working with the man who has gone on to be sport‘s most successful designer.

“Just from my perspective when I joined McLaren it was an evolution of his car. I got there just after he left. That car had evolved from a concept he had worked on. I felt privileged I had the chance to touch something he worked on.”

Before Red Bull, where he’s overseen six constructors’ and seven drivers’ championships, Newey had title-winning spells with Williams and McLaren in the 1990s. His departure is a big moment for the Red Bull team which is currently dominating the sport.

There is still uncertainty over whether Red Bull can keep world champion Max Verstappen in the long-term but Hamilton downplayed the impact Newey’s departure will have on their current success.

He said: “Racing against a team he’s [Newey] been so heavily a part of for the years has been a massive challenge. I think we always need to remember there’s a lot of people in the background … it’s not one person, it’s a whole team of people who do the job.

Of all the amazing experience he brings to the team, the people he works with will continue to do an amazing job and I don’t anticipate Red Bull not building great cars going forward. But any team would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.”

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