Robertet partners with Aethera to strengthen its offer of active ingredients

The French supplier of natural ingredients and Aethera Biotech, an Italian company specializing in the development of active ingredients are joining forces in biotech phytocomplexes via the creation of a joint venture.

Biotech innovations

Both companies draw on advances in biotechnology to sustainably produce plant-based ingredients. A pioneer in the extraction of natural ingredients, Robertet offers a range of active ingredients, including Superoxide Dismutase SOD B, a powerful antioxidant extracted from a unique melon variety. This innovation has led to the launch of active ingredients: Extramel, Dimpless, Holimel and Melorun, each providing benefits in different areas.

For its part, Aethera Biotech pioneers innovative biotechnological phyto-complexes through a patented technology that mimetic nature to produce 100% natural ingredients without environmental contaminants, solvents, or preservatives. This approach offers constancy and permanent availability, regardless of season or geographical boundaries, while ensuring high safety and respect for biodiversity.

Through this partnership with Aethera Biotech, we aim to enrich Robertet’s portfolio of natural active ingredients, broadening our range of high-quality products to meet the diversified needs of our customers,” said Robertet in a statement.

Additionally, Robertet will gradually become the exclusive distributor of products derived from this patented technology in European countries (except Italy), strengthening its commitment to offering natural ingredients, excellence, and innovation.

An anti-aging rose extract

Robertet and Aethera will unveil their latest collaboration at the in-cosmetics exhibition in Paris on 16-18 April.

Named AQ3Rose CROP-G, the new biotech, patented and standardized ingredient is derived from Rosa chinensis, the iconic rose of perfumery. Thanks to a potent blend of polysaccharides and phytocollagen, AQ3Rose CROP-G protects against premature skin aging, offering deep hydration that rejuvenates and revitalizes. According to Robertet, it naturally enhances skin elasticity and firmness by stimulating the production of new collagen.

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