T.O. Plastics Announces Improved Facilities and Recycling for a Sustainable Future

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T.O. Plastics, a thermoforming manufacturer, is excited to announce significant upgrades to its recycling capabilities and manufacturing facility. These strategic enhancements are designed to not only expand the company’s capacity and improve operational efficiency but also increase its use of recycled material, underscoring its dedication to a more sustainable future.  

With a dedicated approach to improved sustainability, T.O. Plastics has invested in advanced recycling technology that increases the efficiency of its recycling processes and expands the range of recycled materials that can be used in manufacturing its products. The addition of an integrated resin recovery system at its Clearwater facility enables the company to utilize more than 99% of raw waste material generated during production processes and begin processing externally sourced scrap material that is otherwise difficult to recycle. This investment in recycling technology allows T.O. Plastics to divert millions of pounds annually of waste from landfills and for its horticultural containers and trays produced to be made of at least 95% recycled material.  

“Sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, and our dedication to environmental responsibility has never been stronger,” says Jared Rusch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our latest recycling efforts mark a significant milestone as we continuously seek out and implement more effective and innovative practices to reduce our environmental footprint.” 

In response to growing customer demand and the goal of increasing the amount of recycled material in its products, T.O. Plastics has also invested in upgrading its production facility and expanding equipment capability. The addition of a new high-volume extruder line not only increased production capacity; incorporating state-of-the-art technology has also sustained the current manufacturing of products while increasing the company’s use of recycled materials.  

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“Through these upgrades, T.O. Plastics is increasing our commitment to sustainability within the horticultural industry. Our investment in new recycling technologies and processing capability enhancements reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and the success of our customers,” says Paul Meschke, President of T.O. Plastics. “We believe that by incorporating these new capabilities we can make a significant impact, while still delivering the high-quality products and services our customers expect from us.”  

By increasing its sustainability efforts and processing capacity, T.O. Plastics is demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.


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