The Best Books for Gen Z Readers

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Feeling like you need to touch some grass? These are some of the best kids’ books about hiking, and they’re good for readers of all ages. Or maybe you want to hit escape velocity with the help of some SFF new releases. Whatever your flavor, there’s something for you in today’s line-up.

The third season of Bridgerton may be over but the world of historical romance keeps on giving. Many fans of the show have probably already done the obvious and read the books the series is based on, starting with The Duke and I (the subject of the first season). But much of what makes the show so special is in the casting. Bridgerton the show features a much more diverse array of characters than the books. Fortunately, historical romance novels offer a similarly diverse selection to choose from. These ten historical romance novels like Bridgerton deliver many of the best aspects of the books and show while also introducing new characters and storylines.

Today’s bestsellers including a couple of new titles, starting with All the Colors of the Dark by Chris Whitaker. This is a thriller set in 1975 Missouri, and it’s a Read with Jenna pick. The publisher describes it as a “missing person mystery, a serial killer thriller, a love story, a unique twist on each.”

The other new release is a nonfiction book by the hosts of the politics podcast Pod Save America called Democracy or Else: How to Save America in 10 Easy Steps. This is an illustrated humorous guide to participating in U.S. democracy that promises to advise readers on how to “sav[e] American democracy just in time for the 2024 election and 2025 insurrection.”

Nobel Award-winning Canadian author Alice Munro died on May 13th at 92 years old. The literary world responded with news stories praising her work and legacy. Weeks later, Andrea Robin Skinner, the youngest daughter of Munro, has shared her story about being sexually abused by her stepfather, Gerald Fremlin, as a child. When she told her mother as an adult, in a letter where she shared “I have been afraid all my life that you would blame me for what happened,” Alice Munro said Skinner had told her “too late” and that it was between her Fremlin. 

With a variety of fiction and nonfiction, the 10 books ahead are some of the best books for Gen Z readers. Because Gen Z encompasses such a wide spectrum of ages (the oldest of us are 27, and the youngest are 11), I’ve built this list for a specific range within Gen Z. The focus here is skewed towards the older end of the generation, who are in their early adult years and often seeking guidance on how to live a meaningful and independent life.

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