The Power of Landscaping: How to Increase Your Property’s Value with Simple Updates

With the peak of homebuying season just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to make your house stand out. One of the best ways to make this happen is by upgrading the landscaping around your home. From lush greenery to functional outdoor spaces, strategic landscaping updates can significantly elevate the overall allure of a home while potentially adding value

In this Redfin article, we’ll explore various landscaping projects that not only beautify outdoor spaces but also increase property value. Whether you’re looking to sell a house in Los Angeles, Boston, or anywhere in between, these landscaping projects will help your home stand out.

couches on a painted deck

1. Install a deck to expand outdoor living spaces

Adding a deck to your property creates a versatile outdoor living area that appeals to potential buyers. Whether it’s a cozy platform off the kitchen or a sprawling multi-level deck overlooking the backyard, this addition provides space for entertaining, dining, and relaxation. A well-designed deck can be transformed into an outdoor oasis, seamlessly extending the living space of the home and making it more appealing to homebuyers.

2. Plant trees to enhance natural beauty and shade

Strategic tree planting not only enhances the aesthetic of the property but also provides practical benefits. Mature trees offer shade, which can reduce energy costs and increase comfort during hot summer months. Additionally, trees contribute to improved air quality and curb appeal, making them a valuable asset that adds to the property’s appeal and value.

xeriscaped lawn with cacti

3. Utilize xeriscaping for sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping

Xeriscaping, or drought-tolerant landscaping, is gaining popularity due to its water-saving benefits and low-maintenance requirements. By incorporating native plants, succulents, and gravel or mulch beds, homeowners can create visually appealing landscapes without running up the water bill. This is especially true for homebuyers in warmer climates. Xeriscaping not only reduces water consumption but also enhances property value by showcasing eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping practices.

4. Add a sprinkler system for efficient water management

Investing in a modern sprinkler system ensures efficient water management and optimal lawn care. Smart irrigation technology allows homeowners to customize watering schedules based on weather conditions and soil moisture levels, reducing water waste. Sprinkler systems not only preserve the health and vitality of the landscape but also enhance the property’s appeal and desirability efficiently.

patio with furniture and lights

5. Upgrade your lighting to illuminate outdoor spaces

Strategically placed outdoor lighting enhances safety, security, and ambiance, increasing the property’s overall value. Pathway lights, uplighting for trees and architectural features, and accent lighting for outdoor living areas create a welcoming vibe and extend the functionality of outdoor spaces into the evening hours. Thoughtfully designed lighting highlights the beauty of the landscape and adds curb appeal.

6. Keep a well-maintained lawn

Regular lawn maintenance, including mowing, fertilizing, and aerating, is essential for cultivating a lush green lawn that enhances curb appeal. Well-manicured lawns create a visually pleasing backdrop for the property and contribute to a positive first impression, making this spring the perfect time to get your grass looking spectacular. Investing in professional lawn care services ensures optimal turf health and adds value to the overall landscaping package.

Projects to avoid

While landscaping updates can increase property value, certain projects may not provide a favorable return on investment. Avoid over-the-top landscaping that requires high maintenance and may overwhelm potential buyers. Additionally, stay away from  invasive plant species or landscaping features that detract from the natural beauty of the property or make it less functional.

From functional outdoor living spaces to eco-friendly practices, strategic landscaping updates can significantly increase the value of a property. There’s no need to do anything over the top: Just a few simple changes and additions can make a big difference. By investing in these landscaping updates, homeowners can maximize their property’s value and appeal to prospective buyers.

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