Top LMS Platforms With The Best AI Tools For Training And Education In 2024

Best AI LMS Tools For Training And Education In 2024

If improving Learning and Development is your key focus, you may want to consider one of the best AI LMS tools in the market. By utilizing an AI LMS, you can combine Machine Learning technology with learning management features. And it’s not just that. What makes AI LMS tools so powerful is the fact that they can streamline content creation, personalize learning experiences, and help you gain valuable data insights. However, there’s more to an AI LMS than meets the eye.

In this top list article, we’ll explore some of the best AI LMS platforms that can help you create impactful and effective training programs for your teams.

Read on to see who ranked first.

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Award-Winning AI-Powered LMS Platforms Ranked

Best AI LMS Tools For Training And Education 2024

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AI That Keeps L&D In Control

360Learning is the AI-powered platform that keeps L&D in control. Create courses fast with AI-assisted authoring. L&D controlled prompts ensure all AI-generated content meets company requirements and standards.

Supercharge L&D with AI: book your demo!

For more info, explore 360Learning reviews in our directory.


  • L&D-Controlled Prompts
  • Document-Based Course Builder
  • Prompt-Based Course Builder

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Decentralize content creation to internal experts with confidence via customizable prompts that meet company requirements, pedagogical strategy, and company policies.

  • Document-Based Course Builder

Instantly convert existing documents into engaging courses in minutes. Upload a document into the course builder to generate a course complete with images, assessments, and key takeaways.

  • Prompt-Based Course Builder

Effortlessly create engaging courses. With as little as a title, AI can suggest course descriptions, outlines, illustrations, and key takeaways.

Plans And Pricing

At 360Learning, find pricing flexibility for every budget. Whether through pay-per-license or an active user model, you’ll realize the value from day one.

TalentCraft, The AI Generator To Create Engaging Media-Rich Courses In A Snap

Wave goodbye to months-long course development. TalentCraft has all your content creation needs covered. Hosted on the LMS trusted by 70K+ teams, it’s the one-stop generator that’s (about to be) your new favorite tool.

Launch your dream training program today with TalentCraft on TalentLMS. Get started free; no credit card required.

Do you want to learn more about its AI capabilities? Explore TalentLMS reviews in our directory.


  • Media-Rich Interactive Content
  • Handy Templates
  • Intuitive Content Generator

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  • Media-Rich Interactive Content

Launch captivating courses, tailor them to suit your brand, and immerse your learners in unforgettable training. All without an Instructional Designer.

Skip starting from scratch. Choose from templates designed with learning best practices in mind, have TalentCraft fill in the blanks, and launch your training in little to no time.

  • Intuitive Content Generator

Prompting AI doesn’t have to be tricky. TalentCraft’s learning curve is so gentle you’ll never feel obsolete generating stunning visuals or polishing already created courses.

Plans And Pricing

TalentCraft is free to use on TalentLMS. Simply sign up, dive into content creation, and upgrade only when you’re ready. Best of all? The adaptable pricing means you’ll never pay for features or users you don’t want or need.

Create Outstanding eLearning Courses With An AI Assistant

iSpring provides a robust LMS that comes with a powerful authoring tool, iSpring Suite Max. It features a web-based course builder with an AI assistant that allows you to create eLearning content much faster than ever before.

Accelerate eLearning content creation with a robust AI assistant. To see it in action, book a live demo.

For more information, explore iSpring Learn reviews in our directory.


  • Fast Course Creation
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • Automated Training Management

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Let the AI assistant do all the heavy lifting for you: write text for your course, fix spelling errors, create a course outline, generate questions for quizzes, and much more.

Get full control over your learners’ progress and results. Gather detailed statistics on a specific department, group, individual, and every course they take.

  • Automated Training Management

iSpring Learn facilitates the enrollment and re-enrollment of employees in courses. Plus, it sends reminders about deadlines and re-enrollment dates and extends invitations for upcoming events.

Plans And Pricing

The price of iSpring Learn depends on the number of active users and starts at $2.55 per learner monthly. The subscription includes a powerful authoring tool with a built-in AI assistant.

Your Go-To Partner For AI-Driven Training And Education

ELB Learning’s blend of innovative solutions and hands-on support ensures that businesses aren’t just prepared but thrive in the era of Artificial Intelligence. They’ve integrated AI into their products and can build new AI models. Rockstar Learning platform is the star of the show!

Visit their website to explore AI services and capabilities by ELB Learning.

Do you want to know more? Read Rockstar Learning reviews in our directory.


  • Rockstar Learning Platform
  • Rehearsal
  • AI Create

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  • Rockstar Learning Platform

The Microlearning module in their LMS offers AI translations for text and video narration.

AI supports coaching by providing direct analytics, feedback, automated transcription, and more within each learning module—making coaching faster, affordable, and scalable.

Software and training development, AI model creation, immersive content design… They’re ready to help you create and deploy AI-enabled solutions into your learning ecosystem.

Plans And Pricing

From foundational knowledge and advanced strategies to AI development and implementation, ELB Learning is with you every step of the way. Their activities equip you with the right tools and insights, while their deliverables ensure tangible outcomes for your AI initiatives. For additional details regarding pricing, kindly refer to their official website.

AI-Powered Learning Personalization, Skills, And Career Paths To Fuel Engagement

Schoox is a people-first workplace learning management and talent development platform. It uses AI to personalize recommendations for skills, content, and career paths. That way, businesses can deliver meaningful learning experiences.

Learn more about their new partnership and integration with Visier Skills Intelligence to automate skills mapping in Schoox for personalized learning.

Care to see what other users have to say? Explore Schoox reviews in our directory.


  • Career Development Tools
  • Automated Skills Mapping
  • Microlearning Content

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Schoox has built-in proprietary AI technology that uses algorithms to personalize course recommendations for a learner’s current job and skill strength, or a future job.

With AI-enabled skills data from Visier, admins can automate the process of mapping skills to jobs and skills to courses, making it easier to set up personalized learning and career path suggestions.

Schoox incorporates generative AI technology to automatically generate microlearning content drips for ongoing engagement and learning reinforcement.

Plans And Pricing

As part of a broader AI strategy, Schoox continues to expand upon their proprietary, built-in AI capabilities and build an ecosystem of partners specializing in AI. While core AI features are included, some partner integrations might require additional licensing.

Deliver Personalized Learning Powered By Data With Learning Pool Platform

Learning Pool Platform offers personalized learning experiences on a large scale. By utilizing real-time insights into each learner’s identity, existing knowledge, and learning requirements, you can help your business thrive. This data-driven approach ensures effective workplace learning.

Smart learning, better performance. Optimize employee performance with data‑driven workplace learning technologies.

Care to learn more? Visit our directory to read Learning Pool Platform reviews.


  • AI-Powered Skills Development
  • Automation
  • Analytics

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  • AI-Powered Skills Development

Access up-to-the-minute data on your workforce’s skills and stay informed about the distinctive skill trends within your industry. Leveraging Learning Pool Platform, you can promptly allocate pertinent learning resources to address your most critical skill deficiencies.

Ensure timely delivery of targeted messages to the appropriate recipients through automated communication workflows tailored to your specified criteria.

There’s always inspiration hidden within your learning data. Utilize an innovative blend of actionable intelligent data visualizations and predictive AI.

Plans And Pricing

Learning Pool Platform has innovative functionality rooted in practical application. It combines the operational efficiency of an LMS with the learning experiences offered by an LXP. What’s best is that the platform seamlessly integrates with all elements of a comprehensive end-to-end learning ecosystem.

Top List Rankings: eLearning Industry’s LMS Selection Criteria

Internationally renowned LMS experts, such as C. Pappas and our Editorial team, meticulously assessed the eligibility of each vendor and scrutinized their relevant published content, including articles, eBooks, and webinars. Our committee ranked the best AI LMS tools for training and education on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

After reviewing our list of LMS rankings, we invite you to explore additional advice on selecting the optimal LMS equipped with the best AI tools tailored to your requirements. Utilize the insights provided here to inform your ultimate AI LMS decision. Think of this curated list as a valuable resource in your quest for the perfect AI-powered LMS solution.

What’s the Best Learning Management System?

Let us help you find the best LMS systems to stay efficient and productive. Explore user reviews and top features!

Benefits Of AI-Powered Learning Solutions

AI LMS solutions offer numerous benefits that enhance organizations’ efficiency, effectiveness, and personalization of learning experiences. Here are some key advantages.

1. Personalized Learning Paths

AI LMS platforms utilize Machine Learning algorithms to analyze learner data and behavior, thus creating personalized learning paths. AI LMS solutions foster more engaging and relevant learning experiences by tailoring content and recommendations to individual needs and preferences.

2. Adaptive Content Delivery

With AI-powered adaptive learning technology, LMS platforms can dynamically adjust the difficulty and pace of content delivery based on each learner’s proficiency and progress. This adaptive approach ensures learners receive targeted support and level of challenge, maximizing learning outcomes.

3. Data-Driven Insights

AI LMS tools generate valuable data insights by analyzing learner interactions, performance metrics, and course effectiveness. These insights provide administrators and instructors with actionable information to optimize course design, identify learning gaps, and measure the impact of training programs.

4. Automated Content Creation

It’s typical for AI LMS platforms to feature content authoring tools employing natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. This automation streamlines the creation of learning materials. From generating quizzes and assessments to summarizing key concepts, you can streamline course development with AI-driven content creation. Most importantly, you manage to reduce manual effort.

5. Predictive Analytics

By harnessing predictive analytics capabilities, AI LMS solutions can forecast future learning trends, identify at-risk learners, and recommend interventions to improve outcomes. Predictive analytics empowers organizations to proactively address learning challenges and optimize resource allocation.

6. Enhanced User Experience

AI LMS platforms prioritize user experience by offering intuitive interfaces, personalized recommendations, and adaptive features. By simplifying navigation, reducing cognitive load, and increasing engagement, these solutions contribute to a more enjoyable and effective learning environment.

7. Efficient Administration

The automation capabilities in AI LMS platforms handle administrative tasks like enrollment, tracking, and reporting. This saves time for instructors and administrators, allowing them to prioritize strategic initiatives. This efficiency boost facilitates the scaling of training programs and enhances ROI.

Overall, AI LMS solutions revolutionize both education and corporate Learning and Development. At the end of the day, delivering personalized, data-driven, and efficient learning experiences empowers individuals and drives organizational success.

Evaluation Tips When Choosing The Best AI LMS Tool

So, what should you look for in an AI LMS? When searching for an AI-powered LMS, there are plenty of important things to consider. Here’s an essential checklist.

Easy Content Creation

Ease of use ranks among vital LMS features. Seek an AI LMS that simplifies course content creation. It should automate generating outlines, quizzes, and assessments, saving time and effort.

Data Insights

An AI LMS should provide essential insights through data analysis, including learner progress and course effectiveness metrics.

Personalized Learning

Tailoring content to individual learner needs and preferences enhances engagement and effectiveness significantly. That’s what the best AI LMS tools do best.

Integration With Other Tools

The AI LMS of your choice must ensure compatibility with your current systems. Verify seamless integration with content creation, videoconferencing, and HR tools.

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

A quality LMS features a responsive design, enabling access on mobile devices for anytime, anywhere learning.

Bonus Tips

Taking into account the aforementioned factors enables you to choose the ideal AI-based learning tool that meets your needs and facilitates effective learning experiences. However, you should also compare tools to see what’s the best fit.

To choose the best AI LMS tool for your company’s needs, also consider these steps:

Evaluate various AI LMS options based on features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Look for reviews from industry experts and other users to gain insights into each tool’s strengths and weaknesses.

Utilize free trial offers to test the functionality and usability of different AI LMS platforms firsthand.

Determine which tool aligns best with your company’s specific requirements, such as scalability, customization options, and support services.

By comparing tools, reading reviews, and taking advantage of free trials, you can make an informed decision that meets your company’s unique needs when choosing one of the best AI LMS tools in the market.

Ready to do your own test drive? Visit our directory and start your own LMS comparison!

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