What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Getting a Home Inspection in Georgia

Located at the heart of the South, Georgia unfolds its unique blend of history and culture, reflected in its varied architectural styles, from timeless classics to contemporary gems. In such an environment, the home inspection process becomes an expedition through layers of history and innovation that define a property. For buyers, it offers a window into the integrity and character of a potential new home, unveiling its allure and possible challenges alike. Sellers, on the other hand, can utilize this process to transparently showcase their property’s worth and proactively address any concerns.

So, whether you’re in the market for a home in Savannah or putting your house up for sale in Atlanta, this Redfin article covers everything you need to know about undergoing a home inspection in Georgia, complete with insights from local home inspectors. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll confidently navigate the Georgia real estate market.

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Why should you get a home inspection in Georgia?

“It’s more than worth it,” suggests Georgia Home Inspection Services LLC. “The home inspection will more than pay for itself. For a few hundred dollars, a home inspection can end up saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. Every home has defects. Use the defects found in the inspection report as your negotiation tool to request credits for specific repairs or to request specific defects be repaired before closing. You need to know what you’re buying, you don’t want a money pit of a home. Hire a professional home inspector to give you a detailed report of the overall condition of the home. After you and your realtor view your home inspection report within your due diligence period, you can move forward with the home purchase or terminate the contract.”

Are there any specialized inspections that Georgia buyers should consider?

“A radon test by a certified specialist is recommended, as there are areas in the state where the radon levels can be elevated,” recommends Atlanta Elite Home Inspection. “It is also recommended that a sewer scope be performed by a licensed plumber, as the main drain lines below ground are not visible. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase a home, only to find there are major structural, roofing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC or appliance defects that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. You should make sure that your inspector is certified and has a level of experience that you are comfortable with.”

“Yes, there are specialized insections you can get. Mold is an area that can be covered up by flippers or unlicensed persons looking to make a quick flip. Water damage is hard to find by a homeowner and should always hire the right Home Inspector with the correct tools,” suggests Integrity Air and Home Inspection Services. “If the home has repairs that were done, make sure to schedule a Re-Inspection to ensure all repairs are performed by Licensed Contractors or a Handyman.”

Are home inspections required in Georgia?

“Home inspections are not required in Georgia but are highly recommended to protect you from the unknown,” says The Agency. “It typically only takes two hours to perform a home inspection in which it could save you thousands of repairs from unknown latent defects. Home inspectors are not required to be licensed either which is why we recommend finding a home inspection company who is licensed, certified, and insured like Property Inspectors Of Atlanta.”

“Anyone buying or selling a home should consider getting a home inspection. We’ve been serving the Atlanta area for the past 16 years, and during that time, we’ve seen a lot,” mentions West Georgia Home Inspection, LLC. “While a home inspection is not mandatory in Georgia, it’s a relatively low-cost investment. Considering that even a minor repair can easily exceed the cost of the inspection, it’s financially prudent to have one done.”

How much does a home inspection cost in Georgia?

“The average cost for a home inspection is based on the square footage of the home and any additional ancillary services (pool, spa, mold, asbestos, lead, water, radon testing),” notes Prism Home Inspections. “For example, our inspection fee starts at $399 for a single-family home up to 2,050 sq.ft. Sometimes you can get discounts with inspectors if you are a repeat customer or a first responder like in our Home for Heroes Program.”

Expert advice for Georgia buyers before they get a home inspection

“Picture a world where both buyers and sellers can gain awareness of safety concerns, necessary repairs, replacement requirements, and other defects. This knowledge empowers them in negotiations related to these issues, ensuring that the property is habitable, free from structural, electrical, and mold-related problems before finalizing their transaction,” says OnBoard Home Inspections.

They continue by saying that “Sellers can hire a home inspector for inspecting their home before listing it on the market. This is called a Pre-Listing Inspection. Solid visual findings can help sellers correct, repair, remediate, and/or replace any defects for a smooth sale. This usually allows for sellers to sell a quality home within a reasonable time since the buyers won’t have much to worry about. So don’t wait on figuring out your next move. A purchase or sale of a home will be one of the largest transactions you will make with a profitable gain in your life.”

Seek out advice from reliable sources

“When purchasing a home, a comprehensive inspection acts as your defense against concealed problems and possible financial jeopardy,” states American Home Inspections and Maintenance. “Seek advice from reliable sources like your real estate agent, friends, or family, and turn to reputable organizations like InterNACHI to locate certified inspectors in your area. Don’t overlook this essential step; it is crucial for safeguarding your investment and making well-informed decisions—never skip the home inspection.”

Hire a qualified home inspector

“The most important thing in the home inspection process is getting an inspector that is qualified to do the job,” shares WIN Home Inspection. “Do your homework in choosing your inspector.  Look at their reviews, website, call and ask questions. Georgia is a non-licensing state and anyone can be a home inspector. So make sure the person you are choosing is qualified, trained and insured.”

If you’re selling, prep your home for the inspection

“Make sure the home is prepared for the inspection,” says Home Inspection Pros. “Especially if the home is occupied. Please make sure the Home Inspector has access to the electrical panel, furnace and water heater so that the inspector can produce for you a complete Home Inspection Report. 

During the time of the inspection, you should be more informed about your home than when you got it. You should be informed on where the main shut-offs are located (water and natural gas if the home has it). Again, the Home Inspection is a time to get an education about your home.”

Georgia home inspection: the bottom line

In Georgia real estate, where history meets modernity and the climate adds its own challenges, home inspections are invaluable. Whether examining centuries-old structures or recent builds, the key lies in understanding a property’s health beyond its surface. For buyers and sellers in Georgia, a comprehensive home inspection ensures informed decisions, transparency, and a successful property transaction.

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